Points In Space Volume 1: Starport Locations, by S. John Ross

In the dim corridors of a backwater starport, starfarers offer themselves to the maw of the Mad God, bitter men seek revenge outside the law, and strange aliens titter and scream at the sight of inhuman erotica! From grim tragedy to salty satire, this is Points in Space, a new series of science-fiction roleplaying resources by S. John Ross, author of Among the Clans, the Star Trek Narrators Toolkit, GURPS Warehouse 23 and more.

Volume 1: Starport Locations describes 15 locations that might be found in any starport, orbital colony, or outpost. The locations can be used together, or inserted into any setting at need. Backstory, secrets, important NPCs, services provided, seeds for adventure and annotated floorplans accompany every one!

There's more. Points in Space comes with a 103-page book of table-smothering 1:36 scale versions of every floorplan: fifteen tactical maps for months and years of miniatures play (alternate scales available by special request)! The book even includes rules for an alien gambling game (complete with the cards), Face of Emoch!

Points in Space is a part of the All-Systems Library, Cumberland's line of rules-free gaming books. All-Systems titles contain no system-specific game rules whatsoever, just the "good stuff" - the people, the places, the ideas, the sense of adventure you crave! Points in Space is delivered electronically in Adobe Acrobat form, so you can print all the copies you need! Print extras of the maps for writing on, or extras of the pages for player handouts . . . All the graphics are in 100% scalable vector form, to take full advantage of the power of your printer! Points in Space is designed in full color, but optimized for clean black-and-white output.

If you're interested, try it right now! I've prepared a freeware sampler, including the Tables of Contents, Introduction, sample locations, and a ready-to-play 1:36 map of a starport bar! Visit the All-Systems section of the Downloads Page and sample Points in Space for free! If you like what you see, you can buy Points in Space from anywhere in the world via DriveThruRPG - an electronic "boxed set!"

You get the 40-page Main Book (including both full-color and simple versions of the Face of Emoch Cards) and the 103-page Map Book. From the perils of the Ruins to the pleasures that only organized crime can afford, everything in Points in Space will be yours . . .

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Pages from the Main Book:

[Image of Sample Pages]

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