Pages from the PokénomiconThat is not dead which can eternal lie,
and with strange aeons even death may die!
To bring down our masters on an icy night,
And to claim the power when the stars are right . . .
Team Eibon! Stand fast to resist our rage . . .
Or flee to the safety of a new dark age!

To celebrate the release of the original Squishy Brain edition of Pokéthulhu, we held a thulhu “design” contest via the ‘net (due to licensing restrictions, all designs had to be adaptations from the television show or films). The outpouring of ridiculous evil was enough to bring tears to the eyes, and everybody got into the spirit of things, adapting creatures from their favorite episodes. The three winners were chosen by peer vote, with a perfect tie for first place broken by Pokéthulhu art-wizard John Kovalic. Once the second edition was released, we opened up the submission-gates again, and most of the adaptations in the Third Edition (every one fully authorized and guaranteed evil) are from the fans.

There are hundreds of species still in dire need of statistics that only you, the dedicated, hardcore, seven-sessions-a-week (ten when there's a holiday) Pokéthulhu gamer can provide. All you need to join the ranks is a warped sense of humor, a working knowledge of Pokéthulhu canon based on far too many hours in front of the TV set, and the courage to send your evil creation to us via email! Every entry will be considered. We have no shame. I mean, really. Read the legal mumbo-jumbo before sending any submissions, please!

The Pokénomicon excerpts are taken from the relatively modern New International Pokénomicon (NIP), and specifically the 1981 “NIP Study Grimoire” made available at the world convention for the study of cuddly evil. The entries refer to episodes from the first four seasons of the show (1999-2002). This kind of contradiction is the sort of thing we just learn to cope with around here.


8 Speed: 6 Hit Points: 6
Aspects: Squamous, Luminescent
Weakness: Icy

Injure: 3 dice (Lightning Tongue, Luminescent)
Dodge: 2 dice (Shell Game, Squamous)
Trap: 2 dice (Static Cling, Luminescent)
Frighten: 2 dice (Arcing Bark, Luminescent)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Rosie Bierce confronted Randy and friends with Blhastur in Episode #060: Saturday Night's All Right For Frightening. Team Eibon showed up with Blhastur for the great New Sunnich Pokéthulhu Tournament in Episode #085: Never Say ------ Again. But it wasn't until Episode #119: The King Is Yellow that a wild Blhastur was shown on the Bal-Soggoth in Carcosa Bay. Blhastur is a nasty-tempered lightning-spitting tortoise pokéthulhu and, like Hastursaur, they become enraged by the sound of their name when said by anyone else.

[Cthonyx image by Aaron Haugh]Cthonyx
8 Speed: 2 Hit Points: 10
Aspects: Decomposing, Sticky
Weakness: Icy

Injure: 2 dice ( Tentacle Slap, Sticky )
Dodge: 1 dice ( Slippery Writhe, Decomposing )
Trap: 3 dice ( Icky Excretions, Sticky )
Frighten: 3 dice ( Screech of the Damned, Decomposing )

Pokénomicon Excerpt: The slime-covered Chthonyx is over 8 feet long, and leaves a translucent mucus trail 2 feet wide. So, finding one in its natural habitat (often near rock quarries and stone circles) is far from challenging. Commonly sporting a dozen tentacles and 5 eyes of almost-complete blackness, the Chthonyx makes a formidable opponent in the wild. It is also rumored that an average adult Chthonyx has a bird-like beak somewhere in what is laughingly referred to as its face, though most who have attempted to prove this theory have been left in no state to confirm or deny it.

When Randy Carter stumbled across one in Episode #220: Eye Scream Sunday, he accidentally came to learn of the Chthonyx's paralyzing dread of frozen dairy products, especially the fearsome frozen yogurt. Team Eibon attempted to duplicate Randy's success in scaring a wild Chthonyx by presenting it with a variety of health foods, but, alas, to no avail. The fumbling criminals were swallowed whole by the snarling rock-beast, half-way through quoting their famous motto. They might have remained there were it not for the Chthonyx finding them repugnant in taste, vomiting them up in ball of viscous ooze.

6 Speed: 9 Hit Points: 5
Aspects: Squamous, Sticky
Weakness: Icy

Injure: 2 dice (Swallow Victim, Squamous)
Dodge: 3 dice (Dig Underground, Squamous)
Trap: 3 dice (Spit Gooey Slime, Sticky)
Frighten: 1 dice (Surprise from Below, Squamous)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: In Episode #72: Dig This! Randy and his pals meet up with a whole pack of these pale, slithering burrowers, who come up under their camp at night and eat practically everything in sight! A nest of worm-like Dholets (and you never find just one!) can make Swiss cheese out of any area of ground in a matter of minutes. Because they can dive underground to hide they are darn hard to catch, even for an experienced thulhu wrangler! They can also spit gooey slime a dozen yards, making an awful, sticky mess of any thulhu who happens to be on the receiving end and leaving it vulnerable to be gobbled up in one gulp.

Dreaming Guardian
8 Speed: 2 Hit Points: 10
Aspects: Fungous, Sticky
Weakness: Icy

Injure: 3 dice (Tentacle Thrash, Sticky)
Dodge: 2 die (Unassailable Flesh, Fungous)
Trap: 3 dice (Engulf, Fungous)
Frighten: 1 dice (Blasphemous Seething, Sticky)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Dreaming Guardians are huge, bloated fleshy masses with roughly half a dozen tentacles spread over their bodies and a similar number of eyes on the top of their shapeless heads. As their name implies, they can sleep in one place for years, but even while sleeping they retain a minimal consciousness which allows them to interact with (read: fight) their environment. It is said that the right kind of music can awaken them for a short time.. but what fool would perform such an act?

A Dreaming Guardian was the feature Pokethulhu of Episode #47: Where None May Tread. Having somehow grown much larger than usual, the Guardian had engulfed a small town, trapping Cindy, the famous Pokethulhu master. Randy and his friends came to the rescue, befriending a strange hermit who awakened the Guardian with a Spiral Flute. It fled into the shadowy night, carrying the screaming hermit with it, and the town was freed.

[Drek Maki image by P.D. Magnus]Drek Maki (First Runner-Up)
Power: 8 Speed: 7 Hit Points: 5
Aspects: Fishy, Sticky
Weakness: Fungous

Injure: 3 dice (Tentacles Hot Like Wasabi, Fishy)
Dodge: 1 die (Delivery, Sticky)
Trap: 2 dice (Sticky Rice, Sticky)
Frighten: 3 dice (Presentation Which is Everything, Fishy)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Drek Maki is the proper name for the dreaded Ichor Roll. A plate of Drek Maki appeared at the sushi bar in Episode #71: Miso Horny, but these pokethulhus were not mentioned by name until they helped to clobber the Kim'chigo two episodes later. Drek Maki are raw fighters, relying less on skill than on their natural strength. Many frustrated trainers have been forced to give up and ask for kelp with these thulhus. Although easily roused, Drek Maki are just as easily pacified with green tea and a slice of pickled ginger.

8 Speed: 6 Hit Points: 6
Aspects: Non-Euclidean, Luminescent
Weakness: Sticky

Injure: 3 dice (Blazing Sting of Ouchies, Luminescent)
Dodge: 2 dice (Burrow Through Aether, Non-Euclidean)
Trap: 1 dice (Collapse Reality Tunnel, Non-Euclidean)
Frighten: 3 dice (Shadow Puppets, Luminescent)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: These insectoid pokéthulhu were featured in Episode #233: The Burrowers Beneath Your Butt. Young Whateley tried to use Dzyant to undermine Muskratonic University after they revoked his library privileges. Randy Carter tricked Team Eibon into using Nine-Tentacled Ftaghn against Dzyant while they talked to the principal and had Young Whateley's library fines retracted. Young Whateley and Dzyant also appeared briefly in Episode #341: Chattanooga Tcho Tcho.

8 Speed: 7 Hit Points: 5
Aspects: Fishy, Decomposing
Weakness: Luminescent

Injure: 2 dice (Fish Slap, Fishy)
Dodge: 3 dice (Slippery Fish Dance, Fishy)
Trap: 1 dice (Bait and Hook, Fishy)
Frighten: 3 dice (Dead Fishy Stink, Decomposing)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Strange catfish/frog-like pokéthulhu that inhabit the haunted bays and inlets near Cape Dagon. Randy Carter first encountered Eldrip in Episode #142: The Deep Once in the hands of Obie Marsh, resident pokéthulhu master of the area who challenged him to a duel for possession of Pikathulhu. Obie lost and Randy took Eldrip, but traded him to Team Eibon to get back the library card they had stolen from him. No one likes to hang on to these undead fish-things for long. And who can blame them?

8 Speed: 5 Hit Points: 7
Aspects: Squamous, Decomposing
Weakness: Fishy

Injure: 3 dice (Drop Dead Stare, Decomposing)
Dodge: 2 dice (Leathery Bat Dance, Squamous)
Trap: 1 dice (Bones to Jelly, Decomposing)
Frighten: 3 dice (Flapping Up A Storm, Squamous)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: In the wild, these pokéthulhu are found roaming ancient cemeteries and the back-issue boxes of comic shops. Randy Carter ran afoul of Hounder in Episode #305: Shaggai and Skoobai when he tried to stop his new friends from stealing Shining Dodecahedrons from the recently deceased. Hounder is a ghostly skeletal amalgamation wrapped in dead bats, who can fly with the aid of bat wings stapled to his canine head.

5 Speed: 8 Hit Points: 7
Aspects: Fishy, Sticky
Weakness: Fungous

Injure: 3 dice (Sucker Punch, Sticky)
Dodge: 2 dice (Slippery Squirm, Fishy)
Trap: 3 dice (Tentacle Truss, Sticky)
Frighten: 1 die (Really-Incredibly-Toothy-Smile, Fishy)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Sonia's second-triplet-older-cultist-sister (under a hormone spell) literally had a crush on Bloch (to Derleth's annoyance) with her trained Icthypus in Episode #222: Let's Cuttle, Dear. Icthypi have a frightening Really-Incredibly-Toothy-Smile, but the coloring of their dorsal scales is friendly. While fair at dodging, they tend to be "all arms" with their Injure and Trap attacks.

7 Speed: 6 Hit Points: 7
Aspects: Icy, Non-Euclidean
Weakness: Fungous

Injure: 3 dice (Brain-Freeze, Icy)
Dodge: 2 dice (Strange-Angled Flipper Slip, Non-Euclidean)
Trap: 3 dice (Hoary Frosting, Icy)
Frighten: 1 dice (Cute Sidereal Shuffle-Walk, Non-Euclidean)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Kadath are very rare pokéthulhu that inhabit the cold wastes of remote Antarctica. They are valued highly because of their unusual natures and cute penguin antics. Randy Carter located Kadath in the cold waste that bears their name in Episode #111: The Ice-Dream Man so that he could trade the rare pokéthulhu for a cure to a rare form of narcolepsy that Pikathulhu developed.

Lllidorino (1st-Place Winner!)
Power: 8 Speed: 4 Hit Points: 8
Aspects: Squamous, Non-Euclidean
Weakness: Luminescent

Injure: 2 dice (Gaping Nameless Orifice, Squamous)
Dodge: 2 dice (Leathery Wings Utterly Unlike Those of a Bat, Squamous)
Trap: 2 dice (Chrono-Spatial Paradox, Non-Euclidean)
Frighten: 3 dice (Baleful, Slitted Eye Utterly Unlike That of a Snake, Squamous)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: The mysterious Lllidorino seem to be extra-temporal pseudo-draconian nether-beings -- but, on any close examination, they display features utterly unlike that of any ordinary extra-temporal pseudo-draconian nether-beings. They inhabit both the dark future and the dim mists of the past; their unfathomable intelligences (utterly unlike any other unfathomable intelligences) conspire to unknown ends.

Randy Carter ran into the Lllidorino when Team Ebion attempted to use them to in an ophidiomantic ritual to temporarily transform all of the pokethulhu into serpentine monstrosities (as seen in Episode #94: In The Future Everyone Will Be Squamous For Fifteen Minutes). Fortunately, little Pikathulhu broke free from the sunken city of gyrating stone that Ftaghn had lured him to, just in time to help Randy foil the evil plan!

Lllidorino are dangerous and difficult to summon, and nobody has ever managed to capture one. Team Ebion used a combination of ultraterrestrial sorcery and a chocolate milkshake to invoke them, and even then, it seemed that the eerie entities (utterly unlike any other eerie entities) were more than willing to be conjured. Maybe the just really liked the milkshake. Who knows?

4 Speed: 11 Hit Points: 5
Aspects: Non-Euclidean, Icy
Weakness: Squamous

Injure: 1 dice (Icy Winds, Icy)
Dodge: 3 dice (Time Displacement, Non-Euclidean)
Trap: 3 dice (Eternal Loop, Non-Euclidean)
Frighten: 2 dice (Embarrassing Memories, Non-Euclidean)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Möbeot appears as a shimmering blue thread of pure cold, manifesting a stalk eye and several small tentacles on each end. Its true power comes from its twisting shape, which has but one side. This infinite loop give it limited power over time, making it seem blindingly fast. They trap victims in a loop of repeating their last twenty seconds, preventing them from fighting back or pursuing.

The Möbeot was first seen in Episode #109: Infinite Loop, Schminfinite Loop! in which one of the creatures trapped a whole town. The time manipulating thulhu was seemingly unable to be hit, until the pattern or its time jumps was discovered, and Pikathulhu defeated it, banishing it back to the icy dimension from whence it came and freeing the town.

Mr. Mi-Go
6 Speed: 9 Hit Points: 5
Aspects: Fungous, Non-Euclidean
Weakness: Fishy

Injure: 2 dice (Foul Wind, Fungous)
Dodge: 1 dice (Confusing Pantomime, Non-Euclidean)
Trap: 4 dice (Invisible Box, Non-Euclidean)
Frighten: 1 dice (Glowing Head, Non-Euclidean)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Randy Carter met and immediately took a strong disliking to one of these playful walking fungi in Episode #64: The Yutz from Yukky. And no wonder! Once Mr. Mi-Go takes notice of you he becomes an endless annoyance, creating non-Euclidian "invisible boxes" and summoning a foul wind against which the victim must struggle to walk, despite the fact that no one else can feel (or smell) the mildest breeze. No wonder Randy spent most of the episode trying to get rid of him! Fortunately for Our Hero, Mr. Mi-Go decided he was fonder of Randy's mother. She puts up with his mischief, renting out the pink, mushroom-like thulhu (whose head glows brightly in eerie, constantly-changing colors) to a local disco as mood lighting.

5 Speed: 8 Hit Points: 7
Aspects: Non-Euclidian, Sticky
Weakness: Luminescent

Injure: 2 (Lick the Unknown, Sticky)
Dodge: 3 (Transformation of Nyarlathopy, Non-Euclidian)
Trap: 1 (Mucous Membrane, Sticky)
Frighten: 3 (Howl at the Moon, Non-Euclidian)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: This is a Nyarlathopy in the form with three tongues that licks the unknown. Randy first encountered one in Episode #67: The Black Tournament, but that Nyarlathopy was in a different form. Nyarlathopies likes to change form every day, becoming something new, different, and exciting. In Episode #112: Marcus Mucus a Nyarlathopy's three toungues held a rope bridge together for Randy as rushed to get to the Professor in time to save Yuggy! Later Randy realized that the Professor's pet Pokethulhu was in fact a Nyarlathopy in the form of the Black Manta, and the Nyarlathopies had helped him because he was so nice to the Professor's pet.

[Pentacruel image by Aaron Haugh]Pentacruel
7 Speed: 7 Hit Points: 6
Aspects: Sticky, Fishy
Weakness: Non-Euclidean

Injure: 3 dice (Tight Squeeze, Sticky)
Dodge: 2 dice (Slippery Fish Slime, Fishy)
Trap: 2 dice (Tight Squeeze, Sticky)
Frighten: 2 dice (Tentacle Wave, Fishy)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Randy Carter first encountered these sticky, five-tentacled pokéthulhu in his first trip to the Antarctic, Episode #111: The Ice-Dream Man. Randy and Sonia barely managed to sneak past five of them in his search for Kadath. Team Eibon wasn't so lucky and ran afoul of the thulhus when they tried to ambush Randy and steal Kadath. They later appeared in Episode #167: Return of the Beach Boys when little Obie Marsh ambushed Sonia and challenged her to a duel.

Pentacruel can be found on remote beaches, in sewers, and in the occasional pickle barrel. Pentacruel are difficult to capture, and never make good housepets as they are liable to hide in the pipes and consume whatever they can get their sticky tentacles on.

8 Speed: 4 Hit Points: 8
Aspects: Non-Euclidean, Sticky
Weakness: Icy

Injure: 2 dice (Dissolving Slimy Grasp, Sticky)
Dodge: 1 die (Chest Swirl Displacement, Non-Euclidean)
Trap: 3 dice (Chest Swirl Dimensional Banishment, Non-Euclidean)
Frighten: 3 dice (Chest Swirl Display of Infinity, Non-Euclidean)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Randy Carter first encountered Shub-Poliwrath while relaxing at a cult gathering in Episode #113, The Infinite Goat. The night culminated with the cult summoning Shub-Poliwrath, Goat of a Thousand Slimes, evolved form of Shub-Poliwhirl, only to be drawn into its chest swirl and flung into another dimension. Had Randy not been trying to keep his Pikathuhu from eating his bicycle, he would have been sucked in, too! When Team Eibon arrived and tried to capture it with their Nine-Tentacled Ftaghn, Shub-Poliwrath showed Team Eibon a little bit of what infinity is like by using its chest, driving them temporarily insane and causing them to flee quite rapidly indeed. Randy tried to befriend it, but it simply ignored him and went for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Randy hasn't seen it since.

7 Speed: 8 Hit Points: 5
Aspects: Sticky, Fungous
Weakness: Icy

Injure: 2 dice (Hungry-Tongue Grab and Bite, Sticky)
Dodge: 3 dice (Cowardly Cut and Run, Fungous)
Trap: 3 dice (Slobbery Tongue Slime, Sticky)
Frighten: 1 dice (Pathetic Cowering and Whimpering, Fungous)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: The strange dog-like pokéthulhu that accompanies Randy Carter's friend Norville "Shaggai" Rogers is always hungry. Shaggai is forced to offer it a specially formulated Skoobai-Snack just to get it to attack another pokéthulhu. In Episode #305: Shaggai and Skoobai the duo were stealing Shining Dodecahedrons from the recently deceased when they ran afoul of Hounder. Randy and Shaggai had to team up to defeat the wild pokéthulhu after Skoobai-Thulhu was captured. The duo returned with a group of other cultists trying to locate some ghostly thulhus in Episode #333: The Mystery Machine.
There are at least two other related pokéthulhu that may be different evolutionary forms of Skoobai-Thulhu: the inscrutable Skoobai-Düm, and the dreaded tiny but powerful Skrappai-Thulhu. Shaggai has used both of them in addition to his trademarked Skoobai-Thulhu. There is also said to be a rarely-encountered Güber that appears much the same but can become invisible as well, but it may not be directly related to the others.

Norville "Shaggai" Rogers
15 Home Village: Otisburg Aspect: Fungous

Grade Level:
Phys Ed: 6
Pokéthulhu Lore: 6
Sanity: 3
Shoplifting: 2
Talking Trash: 5

Notes: A friend of Randy Carter. He's old enough to wear a goatee and carries a pocketful of Skoobai-Snacks to feed both himself and his favorite pokéthulhu. He's is just as appetite driven as the Skoobai-Thulhu he uses.

Slime Puppy
5 Speed: 9 Hit Points: 6
Aspects: Squamous, Sticky
Weakness: Icy

Injure: 2 dice (Poison Puke, Squamous)
Dodge: 3 dice (Slip-Slidin' Away, Sticky)
Trap: 2 dice (Tentacular Tongue, Sticky)
Frighten: 2 dice (Hissy Fit, Squamous)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Randy Carter and his Pikathulhu faced off against Dark Deacon Paul and Paul's Slime Puppy in the first round of the Muskratonic Autumnal Great Summoning (Episode 25: There Goes Slimin' Symon). What should have been an easy victory for Randy's cuddly yellow 'thulu turned into a nail-biter when the larval Puppy devolved into the humongous Slob-Doggeroth.

Sy'Thuradyos (Second Runner-Up)
Power: 11 Speed: 1 Hit Points: 8
Aspects: Decomposing, Fishy
Weakness: Squamous

Injure: 3 dice (Soul Shredding Blast, Decomposing)
Dodge: 1 dice (Scintillating Ink, Fishy)
Trap: 1 dice (Limitless Slurp, Fishy)
Frighten: 3 dice (Belch of Reeking Decay, Decomposing)

Pokenomicon Excerpt: Sy'Thuradyae (the plural form) are peaceful and quiet pokethulhu in their natural habitat, being either a cold and watery cavern or a well lit shopping mall. The latter lair possesses many things not typically associated with these giant ghostly eels, but they are quite willing to put up with the buzzing of fluorescent lighting if there are a variety of fine coffees available. Generally quite harmless, as was seen early in Episode #317: Fire, Death and Seafood, when Randy Carter and his Pikathulhu stopped to read a map by the haunting green glow that emanated from the hollow eye sockets of one of these spectral behemoths, drawn by curiosity to his sparkly belt buckle. Team Eibon, however, was quick to dicover that the spacetime distorting abilities of some Non-Eucilidean Thulhu are incredibly irritating to a Sy'Thurados, leading to the unscheduled demolition of much of downtown Hemlock City by two of the creatures driven into a furious rage by their trained Y'T'T.

Ulthar (Example Provided to Contest Participants)
Power: 5 Speed: 8 Hit Points: 7
Aspects: Luminescent, Non-Euclidean
Weakness: Sticky

Injure: 1 dice (Brain-Sucking Stare, Luminecent)
Dodge: 3 dice (Step Sideways Through Time, Non-Euclidian)
Trap: 2 dice (Scratch in Reality, Non-Euclidean)
Frighten: 3 dice (Warped-Doppler Screech, Non-Euclidean)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Ulthar are playful, self-centered pokéthulhu from somewhere in the shadowy parts of the moon. Randy Carter first encountered them in Episode #104: More Like the Father, when Team Eibon's mascot, Nine-Tentacled Ftaghn, was trounced by one that had taken a shine to Sonia! Randy wasn't able to capture Ulthar, but met over two hundred of them on the moon later that season, enlisting their aid to help him capture a wild Three-Lobed Burning Eye in time for the big tournament in Silver Key Cove! Ulthar are very social, and like to gather in large numbers to groom, drift through the air in slow motion, and stare placidly at anyone passing by.

6 Speed: 9 Hit Points: 5
Aspects: Luminescent, Squamous
Weakness: Non-Euclidean

Injure: 4 dice (Biting Hands, Squamous)
Dodge: 1 dice (Human Disguise, Luminescent)
Trap: 2 dice (Glaky's Invokation, Luminescent)
Frighten: 2 dice (Loom Menacingly, Squamous)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Randy learns that reading isn't always fun-damental in Episode #108: Oops, Wrong Book! when he borrows something from a famous Pokéthulologist's library only to find he's accidentally read a passage from the Revelations of Glaky the Wacky! Before you know it, here comes trouble from behind a crumbling brick wall in the form of a massive Y'gollywog, the headless, glowing thulhu whose mother never taught him not to eat with his hands (which come equipped with maws full of razor-sharp teeth)!

[Yith-Disc image by Ann Szody]Yith-Disc
6 Speed: 3 Hit Points: 9
Aspects: Decomposing, Luminescent
Weakness: Icy

Injure: 2 dice (Furnace, Luminescent)
Dodge: 2 Dice (Light of Existence, Luminescent)
Trap: 1 Dice (Aura Ring, Luminescent)
Frighten: 3 Dice (Cursed Eye, Decomposing)

Pokénomicon Excerpt: Perhaps the creepiest highlight of Season Two's "Someone Is Wearing My Sister" trilogy, the Yith-Disc is one of the oldest known 'thulhu (though, as Team Eibon's unforgettable "underwear battle" demonstrated, hardly the brightest). Its lower half is a proto-luminescent furnace that burns the souls of those foolish enough (or slow enough) to look into its accursed eye, which it keeps shut when docile. According to the rantings of Village Elder Longwaite, any who stare deeply enough into the accursed eye might be consumed from "from the soul-side out," and become a Yith-Disc themselves ...


Blhastur ....................................... Craig Griswold
Dholet ........................................... Guy McLimore
Cthonyx ................................................ Daemon
  Illustration .................................... Aaron Haugh
Dreaming Guardian .............................. Chris Bergsten
Drek Maki ......................................... P.D. Magnus
Eldrip ......................................... Craig Griswold
Dzyant ......................................... Craig Griswold
Hounder ........................................ Craig Griswold
Icthypus ....................................... Chester Burtch
Kadath ......................................... Craig Griswold
Lllidorino ......................................... Mark Cogan
Möbeot ............................................ Dana Graves
Mr. Mi-Go ........................................ Guy McLimore
Pentacruel ..................................... Craig Griswold
  Illustration .................................... Aaron Haugh
Nyarlathopy ..................................... Andrew Shultz
Shub-Poliwrath ............................... Nick Zachariasen
Skoobai-Thulhu (and Shaggai) ................... Craig Griswold
Slime Puppy .................................... Chester Burtch
Sy'Thuradyos ............................... David James Jordan
Ulthar ........................................... S. John Ross
Y'gollywog ....................................... Guy McLimore
Yith-Disc ........................................... Ann Szody

The Pokéthulhu Adventure Game is Copyright © 2000, 2001 John Kovalic (artwork), Phil Reed (text of appendix) and S. John Ross (all other text). The Pokénomicon entries on this webpage are Copyright © 2001-2008 by Cumberland Games & Diversions. "Pokéthulhu Adventure Game" and "Pokéthulhu" are Trademarks of Phil Reed and Russell Godwin. Drek Maki illustration Copyright ©2001 by P.D. Magnus. Ulthar and Pikathulhu illustrations are Copyright ©2001,2001 by John Kovalic. All other graphics are Copyright ©2001-2008 by Cumberland Games & Diversions. Whew!

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