The Risus Companion

by S. John Ross

"The Risus Companion is one of the best RPG supplements ever written. I rank it right up there with Aaron Allston’s Strikeforce.

- Jeff Rients

"The Risus Companion is among the best game supplements I have ever purchased, and its GMing advice is possibly the best I've ever read."

- Dr. Rotwang

"Would a sane man buy a 64-page user's manual for a 6-page RPG? No, a sane man would not. And a sane man would miss out, brother. Oh yes he would ..."

- ZombieButch

Membership has its privileges, indeed, when you're a member of the International Order of Risus! Members of the Order get exclusive access to the Clichéd Wonder of the World, the Risus Companion.

The Risus Companion is 64 pages of concentrated Risus oddness, reflecting years of Internet feedback and even more years of my personal Risus campaigns. It's illustrated throughout with the same kind of high-quality illustrations you'll find in Risus itself. Just a few of its many features:

  • Articles on the ins and outs of character design, including Anatomy of a Cliché, and sidebars exploring the “core clichés” of adventure fiction.
  • The Megaversal Omnigroovy Background Machine, which will, in just a few die rolls, tell you why your Irish Shinto Minotaur Astronaut (4) decided to enlist in the Star Patrol.
  • An extensive section on squeezing the most juice from the simple Risus mechanics, including the secrets of the Unholy Trinity, the dangers of vending machines, and the many ways there are to carve up a conflict in Risus.
  • Many amusing Player/GM dialogues, taken directly from real life (as S. John Ross imagines it to be).
  • Expanded discussions on the minutest aspects of the game, from special equipment to the use of magic.
  • Evil GMing tips for Evil GMs. Plus, Evil GMing tips for Less Evil GMs to help them become more Evil.
  • Tools and techniques for Risus adventure design, including Rocky Roads, and the official Risus Adventure Matrix. Bonus toys include a random fantasy world generator - one every bit as detailed and comprehensive as you'd expect from Risus.
  • Fans of the Big List of RPG Plots will be pleased to discover one of its lost cousins, the Big List of Dirty Little Thrills, an adventure-design checklist that cuts to the heart of what's really satisfying in a game.
  • A collection of new Advanced Options, including Eye of the Tiger (rules for forcing montage sequences), Lucky Shots & Questing Dice, and Strip Risus.
  • Mrs. Butterbread's secret banana-pumpkin bread recipe.
  • A lexicon of Risus terms to help you cut through the tangle of complicated rules and systems.
  • How to Draw Stick Figures, the Risus Way. 'Nuff said, True Believer!

Plus, the Risus Companion is the official codebook of the Order. You'll need it to unlock outtakes, special files, and other Risus items I'll be posting from now 'til I'm found dead and (for reasons the press will never tire of speculating on) stark naked.

If Risus confuses you, the Risus Companion will enhance that experience tenfold. If Risus amuses you, the Risus Companion will take ten times as many pages to do pretty much exactly the same thing. It's that cool.

A peek inside this extraordinary and grimly serious document
Pages from the Companion

How to Order
(& Join the International Order of Risus!)

To purchase the Risus Companion is a lot like purchasing any other Cumberland PDF or font title, with a bonus: it also makes you a member of the International Order of Risus. This means you can solemnly incorporate the Orders's sacred charter into your daily life, and enjoy the resulting happiness and tranquility (degree of happiness and tranquility may vary from gamer to gamer).

If that sounds like a sweet deal to you, Click Here to Order your lifetime membership/Risus Companion right now. Your purchase supports not only Risus, but the hordes of goons in ninja costumes I'll need to conquer the world.

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