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Need dice? Got a printer? Sparks Dice are a set of three novelty-sized six-sided dice that you can print out on light cardstock and assemble. They're the official dice of Risus: The Anything RPG, and quite possibly the least useful item on this website. But they're cool.

You can click here to download Sparks Dice (80k). To print them, you'll need version 4.0 or higher of the free Acrobat Reader. To use them in a game, you'll need a sense of humor and a very tolerant Game Master. I'm not sure where you go to download those . . .

You say that pips are no good to you? You need blanks, plusses and minuses?
That's what Sparks Dice - for Fudge! are for! (14k). Or what if you like to "roll your own?" you can download Sparks Dice - Shooting Blanks (10k) and start drawing!

If you're still in a downloading mood after all that, visit the Fontworks, home of Sparks. They're paper miniatures to go with your paper dice (and they're much more practical). Or drop by the Cumberland Games homepage, where you'll find cool PDF roleplaying adventures, and other things worth putting on paper (including several freebies). Finally, if you want more paper dice, visit our friends over at MicroTactix, the home of the ten-sided Cheepdice!

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