Sparks Interiors 2: The Space Station
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Space Station Interiors does for space adventure what Interiors 1 did for dungeon-crawling! It replaces dry-erase markers and grease pencils neatly and economically with endless quantities of cardstock starship/starport walls and "set dressing," created right on your printer. This makes using miniatures faster, easier, and more visually attractive.

Space Station Interiors provides twelve kinds of 3-D, free-standing wall sections (four lengths in three styles: metal plate, grungy plate, and biomorph), and fully-three dimensional items like crates, simple hover vehicles, and a reactor core. In addition, it's loaded with additional "dressing" - two-dimensional flats and wall-hangings to easily indicate things like:

Alien Writings
Vidscreen Advertisements
Lifeforms trapped in wall pods
Hazard Signs
Cargo Bay Doors
Exposed Circuitry
Sensor Readouts
Computer Terminals

... and More!
All you need to make it work is a sharp pair of scissors and a little tape or glue! Print on colored cardstock (or use markers or watercolors) to achieve a variety of attractive effects . . . and get right into the heat of action!

Try Interiors2 for free, right now. There's a sampler version available on the Offsite Downloads page. Snag it, print a few copies, and try them in your next game. If you like what you see, the registered version is just $5! It's all Windows and Mac compatible, thanks to the flexible Adobe Acrobat format.

How to Order
Space Station Interiors

Interiors can be ordered either online or via post. If you have a Visa or Mastercard (or a check/debit card that can be used like one), ordering online is easiest! I accept payments via PayPal, the fastest way to get money across the internet.

Click Here to Order

The price is just $5.00 (five dollars)!

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Cumberland Games publishes a variety of electronic toys that work together. Use Flagstones and HexPaper in tandem as a more elaborate mapping tool. Use the output with Interiors and Sparks paper miniatures for a complete 3-D gaming environment. There are freeware demos of many of our titles. Thanks for visiting!

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