Sparks Monster Cinema: Altogether Ooky Sparks by Dan Smith

An angry mob, armed with pitchforks, ascends an impossibly steep and craggy mountainside. At the top, a black silhouette twists and leers in the night - a mad castle, framed by lightning, filled with screams. Welcome to the world of Sparks: Monster Cinema, our visit to a world of misunderstood giants, accursed innocents, unholy rituals, and dangerous science. Illustrated by the able hand of Dan Smith (artist for White Wolf's World of Darkness, SJ Games' GURPS and In Nomine, FASA's Shadowrun and more!), this little "half-set" is a Halloween "Holiday Special" for Sparks: paper miniatures that go bump in the night!

Try Sparks for Free!

Monster Cinema is just five bucks, but if you're new to Sparks, the best way to appreciate what they can do is to try a set for free! That's why we made Sparks: Free For All. Give it a test drive; you'll like what you see! We've also got free versions and samples of just about everything else we do! Enjoy!

Character Roster

What kind of miniatures do you get? A baker's dozen of unusual characters, and more!

  • The Beastman (A/a): Larry learned his lesson too late: Beware gypsy fortune-tellers! Cursed with a double-life when the wolfbane blooms and the moon is full, he also has an annoying urge to chase cats, groom himself in unusual ways, and carry slippers in his mouth.
  • The Count (B/b): Whether he makes "special" zombies depends on just which Count we're talking about, but the principle's the same in any case: Sinister cloak, a taste for blood, and a way with the ladies. And that pose? He's just making sure his anti-perspirant is working.
  • The Countess (C/c): When the Transylvania Enquirer broke the scandal, the Count insisted that she was the little-known "Niece of Dracula," star of one of the sequels that never made it off the ground. In recent months, though, they've been seen dancing in Wallachia in plain view, and she's just so sprightly!
  • The Golem (D/d): Nearly seven feet of determined, enchanted clay, the Golem is here to protect. He walks the foggy streets of Prague, cleverly disguised as a Little Dutch Boy. Just make sure he doesn't finger you as the leak in security; you'd better not be dressed as a priest.
  • Herr Doktor (E/e): He started out working for the good of mankind, performing medical experiments that could change the world, if only the world were ready. When that didn't work out, he went round the bend and just got evil. Please, Hammer, don't hurt him.
  • The Lackey (F/f): His full name is "Fritzigor", and he's been working for Herr Doktor for a few years, now, without a raise. Think all that hard work isn't worth a few more bucks a week? Let's see how well your corpse robot works with this brain, you self-important poser! After this gig, he's playing Richard III in the theatre district.
  • The Monster (G/g): He loves you; he loves you not. He loves you; he loves you not . . . Whoops. All out of petals. Rrrrr. RRRRRR! Actually, he's been arguing with his agent for years, trying to fix his public image. In the novel, he saved a girl. Hear me! Saved! Rrrrr. RRRRRR!
  • Bride of the Monster (H/h): She'd cheat on him, later, with that guy Sanford, but at first, their marriage was a perfect one - her hair, his electrodes, and those great hors d'oeuvres at the "monster mash" parties.
  • Creature from the Deep (I/i): He moved to the Amazon because his cousins back in Innsmouth were creepy, and now he feels like he's the last of his kind, not really at home on land, not really at home in the water, with a lot more white corpuscles than most folks. But oh, that Julia Adams is cute! Think she'd go for gills?
  • Darla White, Victim (J/j): Her dashing boyfriend disappeared, leaving her alone without a flashlight, and the old house is so full of shadows, so full of unsettling silence. But then the silence breaks, and the screams begin. Where's a hero when you need one?
  • Our Heroes (K-L-M/k-l-m): On a night of witches and ghouls, the heroes are three: Little Billy (K), the ravenous ghost, Little Katie (L), the cunning witch, and Little Scotty (M), the creepy dancing skeleton, who keeps scaring Katie with stories about his dreams and using words like "Slithergaunt" and "Gruemucous." Like most adventurers, they're in it for the loot, but the monsters don't stand a chance, either way. Happy Halloween!


In addition to the Sparks themselves, this set comes with a handful of fun extras: two "flats" (an finely-made casket and an open grave, seen from above) and four "props" - Sparks that represent features in the room instead of characters or creatures. The grave and casket are mapped to the numerals 1 and 2. The glyphs are the same height; you can scale them any way you like. For convenience, there's a duplicate casket mapped to the numeral 3; it's smaller - scaled so it fits neatly into the open grave without any fiddling!

  • Szzzrt (N/n): What Mad Scientist's lair is complete without Teslacoiloid Jacob's Ladder Thingamajigs and sundries? A Szzzrt (named for my old colleague, Lee) is one of the sundries. They'll suck power from lightning to bring the Monster to life, or just liven up a party. More fun in pairs!
  • Sinistron-X and Sinistron-EX (0/o and P/p): Another instrument of unhealthy devotion to the sciences, the Sinistron-X is a squat, seven-ton lump of malevolent technology, ideal for hunkering in corners and lurking in shadows. The Sinistron-EX is the same thing with the vacuum tubes busted by an overload (those clever Sinistron marketeers)!
  • Candle (Q/q): Castles aren't just about the laboratory, of course. These attractive floor-stand candelabras are crafted from solid brass by Reinhart's of Transylvania, and come complete with extra-drippy pillar candles in either Antique White or Nicotine Yellow. They add a touch of gothic charm to any crumbling edifice.

For Windows

Monster Cinema is a Windows TrueType font. It works on any modern Windows system, and on up-to-date versions of the Macintosh OS (Mac began supporting Windows fonts in OS X). If you have any doubts whether Sparks will work on your system (especially if you're a Mac user), please download the Sparks: Free-for-All sample font and test it on your computer. If the Free-for-All works, this set will too.

How to Order

Oops. Sparks will be unavailable for a week or two as I move the entire library over to RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. Keep an eye there, or here, for this to change. But it won't take long, I promise! Sparks will return (and there'll be new discount bundles and stuff, it'll be sweet).

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