Sparks: Sunburned & Rusty

Dry tumbleweeds. An ambush in a canyon. The chilling war-cries of a band of wild Indians. The dull tinkle of a piano and the sound of breaking glass. Hoofbeats. Train whistles. The frozen instant at High Noon. The crack of gunfire.

And what about . . . The clanking of steam-powered machines shaped like men? The sickening swirl of color from angered native spirits?

No matter how you take your West: Wild, Weird, or a hearty mix of both, Sparks: Sunburned & Rusty will supply your need for miniatures, right from your home printer! Designed by S. John Ross and Illustrated by Matt Drake, Sunburned & Rusty is a complete set of Sparks: paper miniatures in font form!

Try Sparks for Free!

Sunburned & Rusty is for sale cheap (see below), but if you're new to Sparks, you can discover how easy, fun, and flexible they are, for free! Just download a copy of the Sparks: Free For All, which includes Sparks from Sunburned & Rusty and several other sets! Give it a test drive, and you'll like what you see!

[Need an adventure to get you started? Cray Canyon Cold Snap is freeware, too!]

Character Roster

What kind of miniatures do you get? There are 26 in all, one for each letter of the alphabet!

  • Anna (A/a): The Professor's daughter got her daddy's height and imagination, but her momma's high ideals and taste for confrontation. Living as a gunfighter isn't easy, and if you're facing Anna at high noon, it just got harder.
  • Ben (B/b): A trapper, a fortune-seeker, and a very, very hairy person. The buckskin and coonskin are practical for the cold mountain air.
  • Wild Billy (C/c): He sticks up banks, hijacks stagecoaches, and robs trains. His partner, Two-Bit Bo, is nowhere to be seen, because Two-Bit Bo tried to cross Billy. Nobody should ever cross Billy.
  • Mr. Bone (D/d): He dresses like a gentleman, but there's something upsetting about his gaunt frame and unusual features. Nobody who's seen him can describe him accurately afterwards, but everybody remembers that they didn't like the look of him.
  • Brave (E/e): The war-paint means that the tomahawk and rifle aren't just for show. These guys tend to appear in large numbers, so circle the wagons!
  • Caitlin (F/f): A southern belle with quite a few secrets, Caitlin can faint, blush, and giggle on cue, but she can hide a streak of wickedness behind that fluttering fan, and nail a yank at 40 with a rifle.
  • Cletus (G/g): After a lick of moonshine and a hot plate of squirrel gravy, Cletus is aimin' ta shoot some city folk. His pappy taught him never to trust people who read. So did his uncle. Hey, wait a minute . . .
  • ClockWork (H/h): The Professor has two children, really . . . but ClockWork is the baby, and Daddy loves him best. He runs on coal or good clean hardwoods, and he doubles as a barbecue.
  • Doe (I/i): The buckskin is the softest part of this Indian maid; her eyes are like steel and her aim is true.
  • Geezer Gus (J/j): He's been searching for the legendary Lost Mine for nigh on thirty years, a comical figure that shows up once a month to stock up on supplies at Bustley's General Store. Most agree that he's crazy, but some believe he found the gold years ago, and just hasn't let on.
  • Hong (K/k): He works for Old Wen, the herbalist, so the errands he's running are always unusual, and he seems to frequent every part of town. He helped build the railroad; now he's learning to profit from the folks riding west on it.
  • Juan (L/l): Juan's a simple farmer trying to make ends meet and keep his family safe. He prefers a hoe to a rifle, but he's got an old musket stashed behind the woodpile in case of trouble, and his wife, Rita, loves to practice with it . . .
  • Ropin' Kenny (M/m): He charms the ladies with a winning smile, and wows the gents with a flashy spin of the six-gun and a lighting-quick stunt with his lariat. He doesn't drink liquor and he never swears. Ovaltine won't reach the U.S. until 1905, but when it does, Kenny's ready.
  • Luke (N/n): He hails from Texas, but a skilled gambler needs to go where the money is, so he followed the gold rush to San Francisco looking to earn his gold second-hand. The town's a little dangerous, though, so he's been thinking of cleaning up on the suckers back east.
  • Owl (O/o): The youngest shaman in the history of his tribe, Owl is as strong and quick as he his spiritual, with the predatory instincts of his totem animal.
  • Perry (P/p): Some men are born Heroic Lawmen; Perry's a born Amusing Deputy Sidekick, and he plays to his talents. But when the chips are down, he's as quick and smart and brave as he needs to be to make the sheriff look good.
  • Pinkerton Op (Q/q): He took on the Wild Bunch in Colorado and Utah in his early days. Now he's a seasoned veteran of the agency, ready to cross the country (yet again) to get his man.
  • The Professor (R/r): Goliath Witherspoon is the kind of genius you don't want to share a building with when he's feeling creative. Despite his miniature stature and apparent frailty, he moves with the personal energy of a dozen motivated men, and survives dozens of explosions monthly - including blasts that have leveled chunks of entire towns shortly before they ran he and his family out on a rail.
  • Ramón (S/s): He wants - desperately wants - a reputation as a gunfighter. So far, he's managed an impresive reputation as a temperamental gambler and unsuccessful but enthuasiastic womanizer. If people ride him enough about it, he may make his wish come true out of anger.
  • Reb (T/t): The south will never fall if he has his way - and they dont' call him "deadeye" for nothing.
  • Rita (U/u): Juan's feisty, beautiful young wife can devastate with a contemptuous swish of her dress and a fierce, inviting glare over her shoulder. She wont' hesitate to use the rifle, either - which is good, because Juan probably would.
  • Smitty (V/v): The town's favorite blacksmith can make horseshoes with his bare hands, or at least that's what they say down at the saloon. Fortunately, nobody's ever seen him angry. Whatever he's got in him that's mean, he takes it out on the anvil.
  • Snidley (W/w): A blackhearted villain with a curious fetish involving young women, bondage, and railroad tracks. He also likes the smell of a burning fuse, the stink of old money, and a good peal of wicked laughter. There's a groove on his index finger from curling his moustache.
  • Trixie (X/x): A hooker with a heart of gold, a necklace of gold, several brooches of gold, and (many claim) a huge cache of gold, invested in the railroads and some oil fields. She's been a busy girl, avoiding the cowyards and working only the nice saloons in the heart of town. Every sheriff and senator knows her by name.
  • Wentung Fist (Y/y): When Hong gets into trouble anywhere near Chinatown, a quick yell in his native language can bring these men running - tumbling from rooftops and springing out of alleyways as if from nowhere.
  • Yank (Z/z): He's a lot saner than the Reb, and confident that the Confederacy's days are numbered. He's counting them down himself, one Reb at a time.

Bonus Flats!

In addition to the set of miniatures, Sparks: Sunburned & Rusty comes with ten "flats" on the number keys. You can use these to make flat counters for action scenes, or as map symbols or decorative dingbats in a graphics program or word processor!

[Graphic of Flats]

Windows Only

Sunburned & Rusty is a Windows TrueType font. It works on any modern Windows system, and on up-to-date versions of the Macintosh OS (Mac began supporting Windows fonts in OS X). If you have any doubts whether Sparks will work on your system (especially if you're a Mac user), please download the Sparks: Free-for-All sample font and test it on your computer. If the Free-for-All works, this set will too.

How to Order

Oops. Sparks will be unavailable for a week or two as I move the entire library over to RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. Keep an eye there, or here, for this to change. But it won't take long, I promise! Sparks will return (and there'll be new discount bundles and stuff, it'll be sweet).

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