Watch The Skies! Outer Space Adventure Set

Ray guns. Flying Saucers. Hideous slime creatures. Excessive use of the apostrophe. If your campaigns take you into the icy trails of comets or the bedchambers of the Galactic Emperor's concubines . . . If your idea of a good game involves rocketships and warp drives, seedy starports and laser swords, then Watch the Skies! will give you what you love!

Illustrated by the able hand of Dan Smith (artist for White Wolf's World of Darkness, SJ Games' GURPS and In Nomine, FASA's Shadowrun and more!), Watch the Skies! is a complete set of Sparks: paper miniatures in font form!

Want to see what it's like? We've included a party of space adventurers, ready-to-go, as part of the freeware Sparks: Free For All. Give it a test drive, and you'll like what you see!

If you like this set, give Points in Space and Space Station Interiors a try, too. There are freeware sample versions of each!

What kind of miniatures do you get? There are 26 in all, one for each letter of the alphabet!

  • ProtoZoid (A/a): Whether you decide he's a friendly "Shmoo" kind of goopy alien, or a deadly life-sucking, shapeshifting parasite in "indeterminate" form, ProtoZoid will fill all your shapeless-wierdo needs. For fun, print a Spark with a "normal" front and a ProtoZoid back, to indicate that the normal human the PCs are talking to is really a shapeshifter giving off subtle clues . . .
  • Commander Berri (B/b): A member of a sapient race of tree people, Cmdr Berri is a sentimental, adventure loving shrub, far from home. But don't call her (him? nobody can tell) a "sap," because s/he finally figured that metaphor out, and doesn't like it one bit.
  • Ambassador X (C/c): Nobody knows what the real Ambassador X looks like, since he's never seen outside of his special Interaction Armor, but that bulge that looks like a reptilian tail has many of the other dignitaries muttering rumors!
  • AstroBrain (D/d): You can't have a good rayguns-and-rocketships game without a disembodied brain. Like most bodiless entities, it has long since given up hormone-driven naughty thoughts, and instead prefers to collect spoons. A small warning light tells passers-by that "this brain is ajar."
  • Katt Woman (E/e): A fearsome assassin-type, with sharp razor-enhanced claws and a lithe, lightning-fast body. Note the raygun in the fast-draw strap concealed in the small of her back. This chick is ready to rumble, kids!
  • Dais'i (F/f): With her powerpack purse at the ready (with a rocket gun for backup), Dais'i left her hovertruck back home to seek out a life of adventure among the stars. Yes, folks, there's one in every set!
  • ForceLord (G/g): A psionic warlord from the Evil Planet XL4, the ForceLord can rend starships into shreds with but a malicious thought. He also makes a cool supervillain in a tights-and-capes campaign.
  • Andy Royd (H/h): He may be obviously artificial on the outside, but he's real in the inside, by gum. With more sympathy for the plight of others than most of the flesh-and-blood bozos around them, he provides a metaphor for the human condition simply by lacking it.
  • Stkka (I/i): A member of a proud warrior race from Beyond The Ninth Quasar, Stkka is a tireless hero, rescuing damsels and saving planets on a daily basis. He and the Mystik Ronin used to hang out, and they still share a drink when they run into one another in a starport someplace.
  • It (J/j): Ignore that man in the cave pushing it around with a stick. TREMBLE BEFORE IT. IT WILL KICK YOUR ASS! The GM says so, dammit. Great for wierd starport aliens complaining about lost luggage. Put 'em in the background and explain that it's impolite to stare.
  • Proto Droyd (K/k): Nobody's had the time, yet, to give him some decent plating, so his innards are exposed (but easier to repair!) He speaks over 1,400 languages and is a master at 9,341 variations of Contract Bridge, but despite all that he's usually pleasant company. He avoids the Space Ape, though; Ape doesn't seem to understand that Protos are delicate.
  • Mystik Ronin (L/l): His leg-wrappings and mud-stained cloak, as much as the hilt of his Sonic Sabre, reveal him for what he is: a former knight in the Mystik Order. Now masterless but far from friendless, he wanders the galaxy righting wrongs in his own way, a grim spectre of justice.
  • Saucer Man (M/m): He spits acid, he invades primitive worlds, he kidnaps screaming women and examines them on his cold metal table . . . He makes the best apple butter this side of the G'vornak Sector. His friends call him Orville. You can call him Lord Vortok.
  • S'bokk (N/n): Logical and purple-blooded, S'bokk is a Nulvac, a member of a once-passionate species that, long ago, decided that they'd rather be regarded as stuck up. He's a whiz with that tablet computer, though! And mmm-mmm the girls do dig him.
  • T'riffik (O/o): He can be crushed to produce a delicate, nutritious oil, and he knows it, and you know it, and he knows you know it. That might explain why he's so nervous. He doesn't sting people on purpose. He's the ship steward, for Lo'crah's sake. He's a nice guy! Stop chasing him!
  • Vlas'ik: (P/p): A sometimes-consort to S'bokk, Vlas'ik is half Nulvac and half Mormulan, and follows the Mormulan tradition of taking seventy husbands, which S'bokk objected to. His half-brother Sy'poc didn't, though, so she and he and sixty-nine of their closest friends now comprise the entire engineering section.
  • Space Ape (Q/q): 500 Kilograms of blue-black fur and technical expertise, the Space Ape is a Hurmoggian, one of the most respected species in the Interstellar Federation. He can pick up Proto Droyd with one hand - and frequently does, to shake it when it gets irritating.
  • Penultimate Hero and Heroine (R/r and S/s): They're clean-cut, square-jawed, smooth-complexioned, and can do more damage as a couple than a 700-klomboit Space Amoeba could do by itself! They're heroes for a better tomorrow . . . Or self-righteous goose-stepping bullies! It's all up to you, but remember: They always stand that way!
  • The Hunter (T/t): He and the Ronin never see eye-to-eye, but when the chips are down, they both get the job done. He wants the bounty more than the justice - and he wants the Huntress back, 'cause he pissed her off four years ago and she's never forgiven him. Now he takes it out on anybody who gets in his way, and he's got the energy-blade and the hard knuckles to help you feel his pain.
  • The Huntress (U/u): Never one to pass up a bounty, she's downed criminals and deadly space-monsters alike, turning over their heads or flash-frozen bodies for Galactic Megacreds and drinking away the profits. She's both perky and violent, a combination the Mystik Ronin finds intriguingly attractive . . . But they're just friends, for now.
  • Cap'n Jack (V/v): A "Zorch-Pistol For Rent" with a randy streak as wide as his generous backside, Cap'n Jack is as fun-loving as any star-wanderer you're likely to meet, and his witty dialogue alone makes him worth having around. Plus, at Christmastime he likes to dress up as Santa.
  • The Mastermind (W/w): (Pictured in the logo at the top of the page) He's 25% tentacle, 25% legs, and all brain. Pulsing, throbbing brain. That radioactive galaxy-opal jammed into his skull isn't just for looks, either! It also smells wierd. With each of his four gleaming eyes, he can see a different dimension, and one of them even picks up Spice and Playboy, which is why he often looks like he's winking.
  • Secur-O Bot (X/x): WARNING, BILL ROBERSON! WARNING! And yes, that sphere atop the frame is full of 978 GigaTerawatts of electroplasmothermodyne! So, aim low.
  • Dr. Tendrax (Y/y): The brilliant Brunaxian scientist, Dr. Tendrax, was studying the upper atmosphere of Manacorus IV when his station came under attack by pirates. Fortunately, the others were there tracking down the pirate leader for a bounty, and the doctor was rescued. He's found that the life of an adventurer brings him more opportunity than ever before to study strange new phenomena, and the crew keep him around to sound out big words.
  • Thug (Z/z): He recently signed up for a correspondence course to learn to read.

In addition to the Sparks themselves, this set includes seven handy "flats!"

  • Fallen Weapons (1, 4,5): An energy sword, a pistol, and a rifle/carbine. Use these to mark where weapons are dropped in combat.
  • Hatches (2,3): The former closed, the latter open. To indicate openings in starship decks - or use them when making your own maps!
  • Severed Limbs (6.7): With people swinging energy-blades around, these are a common hazard, but they make for classy improvised cudgels. The former is a humanoid arm, the second is an alien tentacle or pseudopod. Both are in spiffy pools of blood (or alien ichor!)

Watch the Skies! is a Windows TrueType font. It works on any modern Windows system, and on up-to-date versions of the Macintosh OS (Mac began supporting Windows fonts in OS X). If you have any doubts whether Sparks will work on your system (especially if you're a Mac user), please download the Sparks: Free-for-All sample font and test it on your computer. If the Free-for-All works, this set will too.

Oops. Sparks will be unavailable for a week or two as I move the entire library over to RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. Keep an eye there, or here, for this to change. But it won't take long, I promise! Sparks will return (and there'll be new discount bundles and stuff, it'll be sweet).

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