Yellow Jack and Rum: Fyne & Agreeable Paper Miniatures By Mssrs. Ross and Peacock, esq. Pursuant to Adventure on the High Seas and Illustrat'd Both Front and Back

Avast, me hearties! Sail the open sea for plunder, take haven at the Ile De Tortue, and enjoy a life of booty, wenches, swordplay and roguery. No matter, sir, if you're a privateer of some distant monarch, or a blackhearted freebooter who answers to no man. No matter, still, if your adventures are historical or fantastical, or if you stride the deck as a captain or hang like a fool in the gibbet. If you like swashbuckling adventure, you'll find a treasure here, lad. This is Yellow Jack & Rum, an age-of-sail gaming accessory that'll shake your futtocks and shiver your timbers. Illustrated by veteran Sparks artist T. Jordan Peacock and designed by Sparks creator S. John Ross, Yellow Jack & Rum is a complete set of Sparks: paper miniatures in font form!

Try Sparks for Free

Want to see what Sparks are like? Download the Sparks: Free For All set at no charge! It includes Sparks from several of our sets, to prepare you for what you'll find in this one! Give it a test drive, and you'll like what you see!

The BuccaneersThe Swashbucklers!

What This Set Includes

In Yellow Jack & Rum, there's a different miniature for every letter of the alphabet. These figures are arranged alphabetically by theme for ease of use:

  • The Buccaneers (A to F): Pirates and freebooters, the rogues of the sea. These figures, from the stern and experienced visage of Jack Dunn to the saucy defiance of lovely Raven, are excellent for representing those in power aboard a pirate ship - the ship's master and his most trusted crew.
  • The Sea Dogs (G to K): The strongarm killers and scum. These men make the first lot look respectable by comparison - crewmen and cutthroats ready to skewer your gizzard or tease you onto the plank.
  • The Fairer Sex (L to P): Damsels to be sure, but not necessarily in distress. Irene looks like she could send a buccaneer sprawling o'er the gunwales, should his hand stray where it isn't welcome. Little Millie or blushing Beth, on the other hand, may need a heroic rescue now and again.
  • The Swashbucklers (Q to U): These men (and Scarlet, the swashbuckling lass) are dressed for quick movement and stylish combat from the rigging down to the beach. Fine choices when style and derring-do are the order of the day.
  • Respectable Gents (V to Z): Or at least they look respectable. These men are as comfortable in the city as they are at sea. Whether they're as decent as they seem, or blackhearted schemers, is a matter left to the cruel hands of the Game Master.

The Sea DogsLadies & Gentlemen

Bonus Flats & Images

Yellow Jack & Rum comes with 21 additional images, shown here (below), that you can use to decorate gaming props, enhance player handouts, or several other creative projects. Many of them can be scaled to excellent effect for map symbols to interact with your Sparks. Rumors also tell of an accursed lost sailor, lurking somewhere in the set, eager to attack those in less wretched a state than he. Arrr.

For Microsoft Windows

The Lost SailorYellow Jack & Rum is a Windows TrueType font. It works on any modern Windows system, and on up-to-date versions of the Macintosh OS (Mac began supporting Windows fonts in OS X). If you have any doubts whether Sparks will work on your system (especially if you're a Mac user), please download the Sparks: Free-for-All sample font and test it on your computer. If the Free-for-All works, this set will too.

How to Order

Oops. Sparks will be unavailable for a week or two as I move the entire library over to RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. Keep an eye there, or here, for this to change. But it won't take long, I promise! Sparks will return (and there'll be new discount bundles and stuff, it'll be sweet).

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