[Ring of Thieves - by S. John Ross]

On a frosty night in the city of Hultog, a magic ring was stolen. Now it's yours, but your partner has been taken in exchange. Can you save her? Can you survive the dangers of the Ring of Thieves?

Ring of Thieves is a free solo adventure for Risus: The Anything RPG (included). It's a full-sized solitaire gamebook designed to print out on your own printer. To play it, all you need are pencil, paper, some ordinary dice, and Ring of Thieves itself. You can download Ring of Thieves in free PDF form from DriveThruRPG. Enjoy!

If you really enjoy Ring of Thieves and would like a less-ephemeral hardcopy, you can throw some money at it that way. This standalone book is a larger-print, specially formatted version (166 pages total, complete with a reformatted version of Risus in the back). These books (softcover pictured below) are available from the Cumberland selection at Lulu. You can also click here to preview the Lulu version in PDF.

[Snapshot of the Ring of Thieves Lulu Paperback, with Incidental Uresia Fragment in the Background]

If you really really enjoy Ring of Thieves and you're also a homebrew kind of gamer who loves a good staple-bound homemade booklet, this is the file for you, and how!

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