Uresia: The Master Index

Master Index

Uresia alrady has an index ... so what's this, then? The Uresia Master Index is an all-in-one-place reference for Uresia and its small (but growing) library of supplements. It's a free PDF produced to the same standards, and in the same style, as the worldbook version. Here youíll find topical references (marked by alphabetical code) for the following works:

  • Uresia Grave of Heaven: The All-Systems Library worldbook on which the other works depend. Page references to Grave of Heaven comprise the bulk of the Master Index, and appear without any special letter-codes.
  • The Temphis Runes (Rg): References prefixed with Rg refer to the Rune Guide included with this Uresia-themed font set. This document (the first Uresia title ever published) punches its weight in terms of insights into heavenís grave, including some of the pre-Skyfall legends that live on in the runes.
  • Caravel (Ca): Entries with the Ca prefix refer to Caravel, a mini-supplement examining Uresian shipboard life through the lives of the crew of Poison Pepper, a caravel of Temphis.
  • Spider Meat (Sp): References prefixed with Sp refer to this free promotional file, which sheds some light on mercantile espionage, the silk trade, and the many ways delvers might be killed by giant spiders.
  • Coatestown (Co): Entries with the Co prefix refer to the reports of Emissary Orin, a bonus file included with every copy of Caravel. This brief work is an epistolary window into the dragon-siege of Coatestown, its aftermath, and the machinations of King Slanc.
  • Cast From Paradise (Cp): Entries with the Cp prefix refer to this article, which examines the history of Shadow River through a curious peephole: patrons banned from Nectarís Garden.
  • Scottís Landing (Sc): Entries with the Sc prefix refer to this article, touching not only on the titular town, but the magic of chimney sweeps, the secret wars of Gargoyles and Chimera, and more.

All entries refer to the most recent CG&D edition of the work in question. This Master Index is a living document, and will be updated at need. Suggestions for improving and expanding it are always welcome. Snag it directly, or as part of the Uresia: Lore & Curiosities freebie-set.

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