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. .. The gods have died, heaven has fallen, and man has rebuilt his world on the wreckage. The Elves belong to an ancient demon. The Dwarves can turn to smoke and walk on the wind. Men wage wars of trade for the emeralds which fuel the most powerful sorceries, and the Satyrs sail the high seas ... to stage panty-raids. Beneath it all, the dungeons are the crushed remains of heaven itself. This is Uresia, the acclaimed, eccentric, and basically good-natured fantasy world by S. John Ross.
  • A world explored at several zoom-levels, from the broad sweep of kingdoms to a detailed fantasy city to the day-to-day of a remote rural village to the individual troubles and triumphs of specific characters across the grave.
  • Familiar enough to provide firm footing for traditional-fantasy fans (it's a world of warriors, wizards, thieves and vagabonds), but with a warmth & personality entirely its own, with unexpected details around every corner (it's a world where Slimes and haunted snowmen are valid PCs, the "common tongue" is dangerous in the wrong company, and your campaign is just as likely to visit a sporting arena as the nearby trap-laden ruin).
  • Designed from the core as a game world. Every detail chosen to inspire characters and adventures.

Uresia comes from the author of such timeless classics as a cartoon in Dragon magazine that one time, and a pretty good recipe for General Tso's Chicken. It's a wholly-revised-and-expanded edition, perfect for newcomers and satisfying to long-time fans. Uresia is fully illustrated, indexed, mapped, has clicky-things for the screen readers and removable layers for the home-printers. Every copy is made of 100% post-consumer recycled genre love and nitrate-free pixels. Serve with snacks.

Get Uresia Now!

Uresia: Grave of Heaven is sold in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Click Here to Purchase Uresia in PDF from DriveThru or Click Here for Hardcopy! Still not sure? The book speaks best for itself, so click here for the free sampler. It's a hefty chunk of the Uresia you can kick the tires on. If you dig Uresia and want more Uresia, Caravel, the Temphis Runes, and more awaits!

Q: Is This The Fantasy World From Big Eyes, Small Mouth?

A: Yep, same world, from the Skyfall to the Slimes, in a new expanded edition! Uresia is is now part of the All-Systems Library from Cumberland Games, so it's no longer attached to any specific game-system. It's pure "world lore," for the FRPG of your choice.

Q: Any Big Differences?

A: It's higher-res. The BESM edition of Uresia was just around 45,000 words; this expanded version is more like 90,000, with all new art and maps. That said, it was very important to keep the fundamental breeziness of the original, so the new material is mostly "intimacies" focused on individual characters, and other awesome-but-not-essential stuff. Uresia remains a very "anti-encyclopedic" sort of design, easy to get into and more evocative than informative. Physically, the format is larger (8.5x11, optimized for home print, rather than the original book's 6x9).

Q: Did You Need To Make The Logo Above So HUGE?

A: I ... I got carried away! Um. Buy things! Plus wander over to my Uresia Homepage!

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